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The Reconmap dashboard is what welcomes the user after logging in. The dashboard is made of widgets that present at a glance key performance and insight information about projects, vulnerabilities, team contributions and more.

Dashboard view

Each user has its own view of the dashboard as they can select which of all available widgets to show on load.

Available widgets:

Name Description
My tasks Shows a list of all open tasks assigned to you
Vulnerability by risk Vulnerabilities grouped by risk (none, low, medium, high, critical)
Active projects Shows a list of all non-archived projects
Popular commands Commands most included in automated tasks
Recent documents Shows a list of most recently edited documents
Vulnerability by category Vulnerabilities grouped by categories (error reporting, data validation, configuration, denial of service, etc…)
Recent activity Extract of audit log
User activitiy over time Chart of activity over time
API health Presents information about the status of the API
Recent vulnerabilities Shows the most recently reported vulnerabilities