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Vulnerability categories

In Reconmap all vulnerabilities are associated to one category. The default categories are

  • Access Controls: Related to authorization of users, and assessment of rights.
  • Auditing and Logging: Related to auditing of actions, or logging of problems.
  • Authentication: Related to the identification of users.
  • Configuration: Related to security configurations of servers, devices, or software.
  • Cryptography: Related to mathematical protections for data.
  • Data Exposure: Related to unintended exposure of sensitive information.
  • Data Validation: Related to improper reliance on the structure or values of data.
  • Denial of Service: Related to causing system failure.
  • Error Reporting: Related to the reporting of error conditions in a secure fashion.
  • Patching: Related to keeping software up to date.
  • Session ManagementRelated to the identification of authenticated users.
  • Timing: Related to race conditions, locking, or order of operations.

Custom categories

The user can add or remove any number of additional categories to the system using the Vulnerability categories page.

Vulnerability categories