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Report template variables

When you are designing your pentest project template, you can reference a number of variables at your disposal that populate the information on your reports. The complete list of template variables is documented below:

Variable Description Attributes
date Current date (dd/mm/yyyy) (n/a)
org Your org information name, url, contact_name, contact_email, contact_phone, logo, small_logo
project Project information name, description, engagement_type, engagement_start_date, engagement_end_date, external_id
client Project’s client name, address, url, contact_name, contact_email, contact_phone, logo, small_logo
users Project’s users full_name, short_bio, email, role
targets Project’s targets name, kind, tags
findingsOverview Findings stats severity, count
vulnerabilities Project’s vulnerabilities summary, description, risk, remediation, status, cvss_score, cvss_vector, proof_of_concept, owasp_vector, owasp_overall
revisionHistoryDateTime Report’s revisions dateTime, versionName, versionDescription
vault Project’s vault name, note, type